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2020-01-26 18:56

If the Excel Table and the Data Validation dropdown menu are on the same worksheet, the menu will indeed grow dynamically as the table grows. But, if the Excel Table is on a different sheet, then the Data Validation List will not grow.Aug 18, 2003  Data validation using list on another sheet I understand that data validation is usually only possible using a list on the SAME worksheet as that containing the cell(s) to validation different sheet

Create the Drop Down List. Next, you can create one or more drop down lists, based on the name that you just created. Select the cells where you want the drop down lists. Choose DataValidation. In the Allow box, choose List. In the Source box, type the list name, preceded by

Tutorial Steps. Click on the Sheet 1 tab at the bottom of the screen to switch to sheet 1. Click on cell E1 to make it the active cell this is where the drop down list will be located. Click on the Data tab of the ribbon menu above the worksheet. Click on the Data Validation icon on Hello! I am trying to create a data validation drop down selection list in VBA based with the list being populated from a different worksheet. I have pretty much got it worked out, but for some reason the generated drop down list is only showing one possible choice and it is NA .validation different sheet Automating Data Validation Lists in Excel. xfgiroistock. David Ringstrom, CPA. Share this content. Tags. I have used ranges in other sheets as validation on another sheet and as lists, and they work fine. However they do not work on 2007, which is why your article is a lifesaver. : )

Is it possible in excel to have 2 similar data validation lists on different sheets and once you selected a value in Sheet 1, the list in Sheet 2 will be updated with same value selected on the pre validation different sheet Excel Data Validation is a feature that restricts (validates) user input to a worksheet. Technically, you create a validation rule that controls what kind of data can be entered into a certain cell. Here are just a few examples of what Excel's data validation can do: Allow only numeric or text values in a cell. Perform data validation from table on different worksheet in Excel 2007. Ask Question 5. 2. Is it true that in Excel 2007 you can't do list validation to a table on a different worksheet, only a named range that is not a table? Create external data validation in another sheet 1. Create the source value of the drop down list in a sheet as you want. See screenshot: 2. Select these source values, and go to the Name Box to define a range name for the cells, 3. Go to the sheet you want to create this external drop down Apr 15, 2012 Re: Dynamic Data Validation List, Source on different sheet Excel 2003 Hey I appreciate the response, but that formula was just a flawed example I made up. In excel I use the cell click method to bring up any specific cells or ranges when editing the formula, so I know the address is correct.

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