Colorado real estate commission licensee search

2020-01-23 13:21

Search Criteria Please note: Inactive or expired licensees may not perform any actions that require a license. It is best to search using either a license number only or first and last (or business) name only.Implications of Criminal Pleas on a Colorado Real Estate License. Generally, the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) considers certain criminal offenses to be violations of Colorado license law and will accordingly impose discipline on a licensee depending on colorado real estate commission licensee search

The Colorado Division of Real Estate's Online Services Click Here to View eLicense User GuidesOnly licensed or registered individuals and companies need to create an online account. For public choices scroll down.

Division of Real Estate Licensing. Select a profession from the list below to access the necessary licensing requirements for obtaining an initial license or renewing an existing license. Real Estate Broker. Real Estate Appraiser. Mortgage Loan Originator. Community Association Manager. Homeowners Association Registration. The Mississippi Real Estate Commission was established on May 6, 1954 with the specific mission to protect the public through the licensing, regulation and supervision of resident and nonresident real estate brokers and real estate salespersons and their businesses.colorado real estate commission licensee search The Colorado Real Estate Commission and the Colorado Division of Real Estate are undergoing a review mandated in Colorado law. A primary purpose of the review is to determine if the licensing of real estate brokers is necessary to protect public health, safety, and welfare.

Company Licensee Both. First Name Last Name Company Name License Number. Policy Related Support: or Application Support: or colorado real estate commission licensee search If you have any questions, please contact. Pursuant to Section 455. 275(1), Florida Statutes, effective October 1, 2012, licensees licensed under Chapter 455, F. S. must provide the Department with an email address if they have one. The emails provided may be used for official communication with the licensee. Real Estate Licensee Search. Then click the Search button. If you are using the proper name of an individual ('John Public for example), enter the last name first, followed by a comma, then the first name (as in 'Public, John'). DO NOT put a space between the comma and the first name as this will produce inaccurate search results. Colorado Division of Real Estate 1560 Broadway, Suite 925, Denver, CO About Us. The Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing is part of the Ohio Department of Commerce. This division is responsible for licensing Ohio's real estate brokers, salespeople, appraisers and foreign real estate dealers and salespeople. The Division is also responsible for the registration of cemeteries located in Ohio and

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