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2020-01-21 08:50

In the back end Sitefinity Page dashboard i need to show an advanced field [Allow search engines to index this page in the grid. Is it possible to customize the page grid? I know about adding field for dynamic content but doesn't have knowledge for adding field of sitefinity objects.To exclude a page to be indexed by Google bots and other crawlers and all the content not to be searchable perform the below: 1. Go to the Pages page in the backend 2. Click on the Actions link of the page 3. Select Titles and Properties 4. Uncheck the Allow external search engines to index this page and include in Sitemap checkbox 5. sitefinity allow search engines to index this page

This method is invoked every time Sitefinity needs to update its pages' search index (e. g. a new page is created or an old page is updated). It will check the value of the Crawlable property which corresponds to the status of the Allow search engines to index this page checkbox and will not add the item to the index if it is unchecked.

Create search indexes Administration On the Sitefinity CMS main menu, choose Administration Search indexes. Click Create a search index The Create a search index page opens. In Name input field, enter the name of the search index. In Scope section, you select which content will be indexes. To create a Search Index navigate to the backend of your Sitefinity website and from there go to the Administration menu and Select 'Search Indexes' You will see a page from which you can either select an existing Search Index or, if not exist, create one.sitefinity allow search engines to index this page Editing a Page Title and Properties, under the Advanced Options, is a checkbox, Allow search engines to index this page . I couldn't find anything in the documentation on this for 4. 0. In 3. 7, it was a radio button that defaulted to yes.

To prevent most search engine web crawlers from indexing a page on your site, it is possible that your page might still appear in results from other search engines. Read more about the noindex meta tag. Help us spot your meta tags Here's an example of an HTTP response with an XRobotsTag instructing crawlers not to index a page: HTTP1 sitefinity allow search engines to index this page Sitefinity CMS allows you to hide any pages that you dont want a search engine to index. If you have any pages that wont help your ranking and you dont want to be shown when people are searching, you can easily check a box which will block search engines from scanning that page. Index; Search Engine Optimization. SEO Best Practices for Sitefinity eCommerce Sites Clarity. 09 Dec 2015. Similarly, image tags allow search engines to understand what images are about. When done correctly, image tags can help a site's images appear in image search engines, including Google Images. All tags should be loaded with On reading this thread, I get that allow search engines to index this page affect not only Sitefinity's internal indexing and search but also external search engines like Google. What I need is for Google to still find the page, but for the site's internal index not to index it in a search.

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