Outlook 2019 search windows xp not working

2019-12-06 12:36

The machine is running Windows XP SP3 with Microsoft Office 2007 Standard. What is happening is that the instant search not working within Outlook. The normal search works without the indexing but the mailbox is HUGE and takes a very long time to search without being indexed.Outlook search only returns items in your current mailbox or Outlook Data File by default. If you want to search multiple data files, use the following steps to change your search scope. On the Tools menu, click Instant Search, and then click Search Options. Alternatively, click the arrow in the Instant Search pane, and then click Search Options. outlook 2019 search windows xp not working

Windows Search for Windows XP helps you to find, preview, and use your documents, email, music, photos, and other items. It is a required installation when you want

Fixing Instant Search. Outlook 2013 2016 2019 Office 365 File Options section Search button Indexing Options button Modify Note: Windows Search cant be uninstalled and reinstalled in Windows 10. Check Event Viewer and post in the Outlook forum. Feb 04, 2019 I am using XP Home SP3. Recently I found that my Windows Search is not functioning. I get a message on the bar saying it is not running and, to correct it, I should go to All Programs and click on Windows Search. Doing that does not fix it. I have run the Windows Fix It program for Windows Search. It finds three errors which it could not fix 1.outlook 2019 search windows xp not working If the Outlook Data file(s) (. pst and. ost) becomes corrupted, then Outlook runs into problems (e. g. Outlook cannot start, freezes or displays errors during sendreceive). So, if you cannot launch Outlook or you face other problems with Outlook, during working with it, try to repair the Outlook data file with Microsoft's Inbox Repair

Apr 28, 2018 outlook 2016 search is not working, at all I use windows 10. I can't tell you how frustrating this is for me. I use this 20 times a day. I have tried everything on these help desks, none of them work. outlook 2019 search windows xp not working Outlook of Office 365 on any version of WindowsC: \Program Files\Microsoft Rightclick on Outlook. exe, and then on the shortcut menu point to Send To, and then click Desktop (create shortcut). Jan 15, 2016 I had Windows 10 with Outlook 2016 preinstalled, but had installed outlook 2007 over it and restored old. pst files and noticed outlook search not working. Step number 5 and 6 mentioned fixed the problem. Windows XP SP3 up to date. Office 2010 and Windows Search 4 installed. The windows search will work fine if I pick local folders to index, however it will never finish my Outlook data indexing, making it unable to search in Outlook. Jan 29, 2016  There used to be a program called Reroute XP Search, which could be used to change the search link from the Windows XP search engine to the third party installation, however it is no longer available to download. If you are running a newer version of Windows, then Reroute XP will not work

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