How to refine facebook search on iphone

2020-01-26 17:36

Using the Facebook application for the iPhone, you can use the application's Find Friends feature to access your iPhone contact list and it will search Facebook so you can send out friend requests to your contacts. 1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone and download the Facebook application, which is free.Type a word or group of words into the search bar. Click Posts at the top of Facebook to refine the search away from videos, apps, photos, etc. Pick a Facebook friend from the POSTS FROM section or click Your Friends and Groups. Click Anyone to see public posts. how to refine facebook search on iphone

Facebook is the largest social networking site on the web making it a powerful tool to find people using Facebook people search and other tools.

What shows up in Facebook search results? What is the Facebook Ads Archive and how do I search it? How do I see what others can search about me on Facebook? Who can search for me? Ask a Question What happened to the refine search or advanced search option? News Feed. Featured Answer. Facebook Help Team. Hi Ann, You can add a specific city or country into the search itself (ex: People named Bob from San Francisco ). You can try out a lot of searches using different keywords. Or, after searching, check out the filters on the right side of the results which will let you narrow down by things like current to refine facebook search on iphone How to Clear Your Facebook Search History on iPhone. Open the Facebook app on iPhone. Tap the Search bar at the top. Tap Edit. Tap Clear Searches. Tap Confirm.

Dec 26, 2013 How do I find my Facebook profile URL on iPhone 5 or ipad 2? No luck with any responses so far. ? it does not show up at all when in Facebook on iPhone or ipad so cannot copy URL from there. I've tried searching for Facebook normally and not via the app but still no browser bar. Source(s): Phone Search Name http how to refine facebook search on iphone Feb 18, 2019 Now, it allows us to type search queries in a natural way. However, everything you type in the Facebook search bar safely rests in the search history. Just like Google, Facebook also uses this history to refine your search results. You can find you Facebook search history in the Activity Log. And you have all the power to delete it whenever you This can be practical: if you search the same thing a lot, Facebook can give you faster recommendations. But it can also feel somewhat creepy. If you want to clear this out, click the Edit button to the right of the search bar. This will take you to the search history page, where youll find a Clear History link. Now, if you want to search in all your conversations then click on Search Messenger text field on the left sidebar at the top of conversations. Key in the search word or phrase. 4. This will show all the users with the word you entered above but just above the listed users

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