Purposes of educational research

2020-01-25 13:29

Research Papers on the Purpose of Education. For example, the school curriculum should include classes such as art, music, athletics, and technology so that each student has the opportunity to take at least one class that stirs their interest or inspires them to make the most of a talent.Educational research should aim at improving educational practice by analysing the world of Education to understand it and make it better. It should be a critical, reflective and professionally purposes of educational research

Creswell (2002) notes the following reasons, describing the various purposes of educational research: 1. Improve Practice. Research can suggest ways of improving practice that have been verified with many applications and by many different types of people, which is difficult for practitioners.

Education research is the scientific field of study that examines education and learning processes and the human attributes, interactions, organizations, and institutions that shape educational outcomes. Scholarship in the field seeks to describe, understand, and explain how learning takes place Having an understanding of educational research and conducting high quality educational research can have the following benefits for educational practice: Provide instruction that maximizes students' learning. Understand and support the developmental needs of pupils. Develop an educationalpurposes of educational research About Us Research Purposes and Objectives. The School of Engineering embraces Research First and Opendoor as the basic principles, and advocates practiceoriented research and education based on creative researches, and always opens its doors to the world as a research

How can the answer be improved? purposes of educational research

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