Nun study alzheimer's research

2020-01-23 16:44

The Nun Study. When the study began, the nuns ranged in age from and included a wide range of health, with some functional and healthy and some severely disabled. While nuns may not seem representative of the larger population, leading similar lifestyles free from excessive alcohol consumption andIn 1986 Dr. David Snowdon, an epidemiologist and professor in Neurology, embarked on a revolutionary scientific study involving 678 spirited Catholic nuns; the School Sisters of Notre Dame. An ongoing project, the Nun Study has come to represent some of the worlds most significant research on ageing and Alzheimers disease. nun study alzheimer's research

The Nun Study: Learning about Alzheimers Disease from the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Studying the risk factors and onset of AD and dementia in nuns turned out to be one of the most ideal scenarios for long term research on disease. These women had similar lifestyles, socioeconomic status, access to health care, and social support.

May 07, 2001  So we know from the Nun Study and others that Alzheimer's disease takes several decades to develop, and the disease has many important effects on all aspects of a Alzheimers disease study demonstrates SSND commitment to educating in broadest sense. One would not expect to find the School Sisters of Notre Dame, a congregation founded to teach girls in Bavaria, to be involved with cuttingedge biomedical research.nun study alzheimer's research Mar 24, 2016  The 30year partnership between convents and brain researchers has been unexpectedly rewarding. Sister Mary was part of a new research project on Alzheimers called the Nun Study, and its findings not only shed light on the disease, but inspired the largest Alzheimers studies that exist today.

How nun dodged Alzheimers part of dementias mystery. It was as if her neocortex was resistant to destruction for some reason, writes David Snowdon, an epidemiologist who started the Nun Study and wrote Aging with Grace, his book about the research. Sister nun study alzheimer's research This is a longitudinal Alzheimers and dementia research project, begun almost 25 years ago, and the second aging study to rely exclusively on religious orders. The first, the Nun Study, started in 1986 at the University of Minnesota, and collected data from the School Sisters of Notre Dame, in Mankato.

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