Research old canadian stock certificates

2020-01-28 10:39

Researching Old Stock Certificates. If you have found an 'old stock certificate' there are numerous print and electronic sources of information to help you determine if that old stock has value or if the security is obsolete. You must first determine the current status of the company, whether Canadian, American or international.Our business is collecting old stock certificates. Determining value: If the certificates are not cancelled (perforated, hole punches, stamped, or otherwise marked), you can research by yourself or, save time, and pay for the service. research old canadian stock certificates

Q) Do you research old stock certificates and bonds from the US only? A) No. My stock research company can provide company research with old Canadian companies, and sometimes I can conduct a stock search of businesses in other countries. If you have companies to research outside of the US or Canada, please email or call me first.

Buyers and Sellers of Old Stock and Bond Certificates Providing Research on the Financial Status of Companies Since 1880 If you have acquired old stock or bond certificates from anywhere in the world, and the company is no longer traded on an exchange or you cant locate it on the internet, our old company stock research service can help you find out about the company.research old canadian stock certificates Old Stock and Bond Certificates. Jan. 9, 2013 Certificate holders who have a brokerage account may want to ask their broker if they can assist in researching the certificate. Other research resources may be found on the Internet, at public libraries, stock exchanges, or stockbrokers' offices. stock exchanges, or stockbrokers' offices

Happening upon old stock certificates is actually pretty common. Rather than throwing away the piece of paper that might be your lottery ticket, take some time to do the research. research old canadian stock certificates Many of the Canadian firms can also research U. S. stock certificates, too. Two U. S. firms that can research Canadian stocks are: Stock Search International is an Arizonabased firm that charges You found some old stock or bond certificates in the attic of a deceased relative. Here's how to find out if they are worth anything, and what to do with them if they are. How to Determine the Value of an Old Stock Certificate. To determine the value of an old stock certificate, you will need to verify if the company is still active, the current (or most recent name) of the company and if its shares are still tradable. 2009 Canadian Securities Administrators What to Do with an Old Stock Certificate. state and Canadian province corporate records registries, collectors, dealers, and organizations. may choose to have the stock of incorporated companies searched by a feebased company that specializes in that kind of research. For names and addresses of stock search firms

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