My iphone 5 says searching for service

2020-01-29 01:35

Do steps 1 through 4, and then come back here if your iPhone still says Searching. 5. DFU Restore Your iPhone (But Read The Warning, First) Your iPhones firmware is the programming that controls the hardware on your iPhone, including the antenna.8 Quick Solutions to Fix iphone Says Searching Issue. your phone connection is nonnegotiable. But if your iPhone 6 keeps searching for service, problems may arise. Moreover, it will drain your iPhones battery rapidly because your iPhone will keep trying to connect. This might seem too simple but its the most effective way to my iphone 5 says searching for service

Dec 18, 2017 Question: Q: iPhone 5 keeps saying searching My iPhone 5 has just got back working from water damage and everything's working sound touchscreen etc apart from when I restored my phone it just says searching in top left, any ideas?

Re: My iPhone 5c continually says it is searching for service Please tell me how this story ended. My girlfriend has the same issue you had with your iPhone 5, the Searching issue. May 09, 2016  Nine possible fixes if your iphone 566s is have connecting issues to your mobile network (sim card) such as no service or its constantly searching. Ifmy iphone 5 says searching for service How To Fix No Service On iPhone The Easy Way. by Elizabeth Kartini January 29, 2019 How To, iPhone Tweet. When iPhone says no service it means you cant use it for the basic things, such as texting, calling, and using mobile data. 5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4s Searching For Service.

Jul 21, 2013 My iPhone 5 is doing the same thing! It's been working great for months and all of a sudden, for the past 2 days, all it says is Searching constantly with not change. I've done all the things Atlink (above) has done, with no results. I have no service whatsoever! ! ! my iphone 5 says searching for service iPhone Says No Service and How To Fix It In the event that an iPhone says No Service, that means that the device cannot make calls or send texts, and much less receive those two things, and also it cannot connect to the internet unless it is set to WiFi mode. Apr 02, 2013 So for the past 4 or 5 days I've been getting subtle drops on network reception to the point where my iphone 5 will be searching For periods of time. iPhone 5; iPhone Constantly Searching For Carrier Signal. 02: 52 PM. 41 1 2. Jump to page: Since day 1 my ATT iphone has gone to no service after i hang up from a call. At approx. 7: 30AM today my iPhone 5 went from working perfectly fine to searching for a signal. I have turned off the phone, reset it, turned off and on airport mode, etc and nothing has solved it. A former Apple employee explains the reason why your iPhone says No Service and explains how to fix the problem, stepbystep. My iPhone Says No Service. Heres The Real Fix! Previous Article Why Does My iPhone Say Searching? Heres The Fix! Next Article My iPhone Screen Is Black! Heres The Real Reason Why.

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