How to search someone up on tumblr

2019-12-06 13:15

Once at the Tumblr site, find the easytouse search tool. On a computer, you find the search field at the top of the Tumblr homepage along with the helpful text Search Tumblr and the magnifying glass icon used to indicate search. On phones and other devices, the search tool can be in various places but is likely to be under the menu items.How can the answer be improved? how to search someone up on tumblr

Type the @ symbol followed by the first letters of the username of the Tumblr user you want to tag. Tumblr will automatically generate a menu with suggested usernames as you type. When it appears, tap or click the user's username that you want to tag. The username will be added to the post with the @ symbol in front of it.

Tumblr allows you to search for people using the contacts list from a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or MSN account. 5. Type the password associated with your emailaddress in the Password field. According to Tumblr's privacy policy, Tumblr will not spam, keep or otherwise abuse this information. 1) Allow anyone to reply to text posts on your dash. If you want to encourage direct replies on your dashboard, put a question mark at the end of a text post, and youll be given the option to activate replies to that post. Tumblr introduced a chat function in 2016, allowing onehow to search someone up on tumblr It includes millions of people posting about their lives in the normal way. There are lifestyle blogs, niche blogs, alternative blogs, and gaming blogs. And of course, just like Twitter, there are commercial users shamelessly plugging companies and products too. How to search Tumblr

Nov 28, 2010 Best Answer: Tumblr is one of the many blogging sites that make it easy and simple for people to post media. Find out how you can locate people that are on Tumblr from the following article. If you want to know how to search for people on Tumblr then you will find some ways of how to go about it mentioned in the paragraphs below. how to search someone up on tumblr To help you find them, Tumblr has a feature that allows you to search for them using your email contacts list. 1. Navigate in your browser to Tumblr. com. Click the Log In button in the upperright corner of the page and provide your email address and password to log in to your account. Search Tool. When you type a username or blog name in the Search Tumblr field, two categories of results appear. The Search category offers one or more links to pages that display examples of blogs that contain the name and instances of the name in posts or tags. The Blogs category offers one or more links to blogs that contain

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