Cica-care gel sheet how does it work

2020-01-21 07:52

Feb 10, 2019 Has anyone used CicaCare or silicone gel sheet for scars? Hello there, thanks for sharing your results. Did you use CicaCare or a different brand of silicone gel sheet? Would you mind sharing how you applied the silicone gel sheet? they definitely help to flatten and reduce redness. However you do have to be consistent and it doesCICACARE is a selfadhesive gel sheet that is medically proven to be up to 90 effective in the improvement of red, dark or raised scars. It can also be used on closed wounds to prevent hypertrophic scar or keloid formation. CICACARE has already been used by the medical profession to treat over one million people worldwide. cica-care gel sheet how does it work

This new product, known as CicaCare, consists of an adhesive gel sheet covered with a novel form of silicone. Medical tests have found this new technology to reduce unsightly scars by flattening, fading and softening them in up to 90 percent of cases tested.

DISCUSSION. Topical silicone gel sheeting is cumbersome to keep on the scar, and the patient compliance often is low for lesions in visible areas. [ 14 16 Tapes or bandaging frequently is not accepted. It may also lead to skin irritation, which can require discontinuation of treatment, especially in I mentioned before that silicone therapy does not work on indented scars. Cica care may be helpful though based on what a user wrote me: ScarAway long is 7 and Cica Care sheets are 6. A silicone gel sheet is safe and effective for the preventing the formation ofcica-care gel sheet how does it work How can the answer be improved?

Cica Care Silicone Scar Treatment Review. Im even inclined to think that Cica Care Silicone Scar Strips may also work on sunken (indented) scars. This came to mind when I received a comment (on another website) from someone who used this brand. But as this user describes, it could very well be this stickiness which helps his sunken scar raise. cica-care gel sheet how does it work Frequently Asked Questions. CicaCare is a unique product for treating scars. It is an advanced form of silicone in an adhesive gel sheet, which is medically proven to be effective in up to 90 of the cases by flattening, fading and softening red and raised scars, old and new. How CICACARE Works. CICACARE is an advanced form of silicone contained within a gel sheet that provides a comfortable, convenient treatment for red, dark or raised scars. It has been widely used in hospitals by dermatologists and surgeons. The majority of red, raised and dark scars improve when CICACARE is used. CicaCare. This information sheet provides you with information about CicaCare and offers How does it work? Research has shown that it keeps the scar moist. This causes it to soften and become more Only cut enough gel from the sheet to cover the scar area. The remaining gel should be Related Products. You can place the Cica Care sheet on any scars from accidents, burns, surgery, cuts, or other injury to any part of the body. Even sensitive surfaces of the face can be treated with the gel sheet. It's also great for use on anatomical awkward locations, including earlobes and sternal areas.

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