Recent fluoride research

2019-12-12 23:35

Follow all of ScienceDaily's latest research from research organizations. New evidence on how fluoride fights tooth decay That research established long ago that fluoride helps to hardenBased on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluorides impact on the developing brain is warranted. The study was published online in Environmental Health Perspectives on July 20, 2012. recent fluoride research

At least four more studies finding a link between fluoride exposure and decreased intelligence (IQ) of children were published this year, putting the total number of such studies at 25. Fluoride& the Brain. The most recent Chinese study on fluoride& the brain was posted on PubMed just last week.

Contact Information: In some areas of China, drinking water contains high levels of naturally occurring fluoride. In addition, many people in China are exposed to high levels of fluoride from other environmental sources. The authors of the Lancet paper cite fluoride, pesticides and solvents as causes of brain disorders in children. 9 days ago  Seeking to address fluoride contamination in drinking water, chemical engineers have developed a portable and userfriendly device that can measure fluoriderecent fluoride research With over 3, 000 studies or research papers published on the subject, few topics have been as thoroughly researched as water fluoridation. Use the links below to review several of these studies from reputable health and research organizations.

ISFR is an independent nonprofit organization which promotes the sharing of scientific research on all aspects of inorganic and organic fluorides by hosting international conferences on fluoride research and publishing quarterly, online and in print. recent fluoride research Recent Fluoridation Issues The ADA has endorsed fluoridation of community water supplies as safe and effective for preventing tooth decay since 1950. Items in this section address emerging issues related to community water fluoridation. Research already shows, in fact, that fluoride can cause arthritic symptoms and bone fracture well before the onset of crippling fluorosis, and can affect many other tissues besides bone and teeth, including Feb 26, 2014 Efficacy and Effectiveness. However, a recent European review recently concluded that water fluoridation is a crude and rather ineffective form of systemic fluoride treatment to prevent dental caries without a detectable threshold for dental and bone damage [ 30. This high number was attributed to the absence of calcium in the water. A minimum in decay (38 of children) occurred with 0. 3 ppm fluoride and more calcium content. This increased to 44 at 1. 0 ppm fluoride and further to 55 with decay at 3. 0 ppm fluoride and still more calcium (see Figure 3).

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