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2019-12-13 00:15

Call the search help programmatically (see below) Update the input field by calling DYNPVALUESUPDATE function module (it's the only way to update a screen field during a POV event) How to call a search help programmatically? Call function module How to display an internal table like a search help?I need a search help for my bukrs field. The problem is data should come from different system. Using search help for different system? Ask Question 2. I need a search help for my bukrs field. The problem is data should come from different system. SAP ABAP Table control. Hot Network Questions Daily standup vs. Micromanagement Useless sap search help call control

Learn more about SAP Q& A. Issue in Search Help exit KRED when control step DISP. Steps in Search Help are. 1) SELONE in this step FM is called to populate the internal description of the fields for search help fields in table SHLPTAB 2)

Search Help Exit: Simplify Restiction Handling Using Class. Follow RSS feed Like. Define ZPRODORDSHLP Search Help Exit. Dont process STEP DISP additionally in this call. Dear SAP Community Member, In order to fully benefit from what the SAP Community has to offer, SHLPTAB contains search help field description, field properties and selection criteria. In this example we will be modifying RECORDTAB in control step DISP i. e. display as belowsap search help call control Explore SAP product documentation and Learning Journeys for all find answers to your questions, and more!

Now active and execute the search help, you will see all the records form the table EKKO, but now if you want to control Manipulate the value of the search help output list. Then you need to use search help sap search help call control Every SAP user knows the userfriendly search help that offers a list of possible values for a given zone after pressing F4. Call the previously created MF ZPSGETKSTARFROMGROUP to get the range of cost elements belonging to the group in parameter. 3 thoughts on How to create a Search Help with an Exit helloi have requirement that i have to create f4 help as per data in previous column. means suppose in po column po 10 i have to take data according to that. search help in table control. This question is answered call function module CALL FUNCTION EXPORTING retfield 'MATNR Internal table field Automatically populating the search help values into different fields on the selection screen by using search help exit (More details) Creating custom search help for transaction MM03 (More details) Demo on Search help exit for the material (More details) Append Search Help (More details)

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